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With Over 10 Years’ Experience in General Electronic Repairs. Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Huawei + iPhone Screen Repair, Tablet, Key fobs, Games Console, GPS, Watches + T.V Servicing

Mobile Phone Repairs

We repair LCD and touch screens on most popular manufacturers, including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, ZTE, Alcatel and China Brand android mobile phones, iPod, tablets and GPS devices. Charge port, Microphone, Earpiece, Headphone Jack repairs also in store.

Data Recovery

If the worst has happened and you need your data from you're phone we offer professional forensic services to recover your data.

GHD Repairs

Most GHD's covered from heating elements, thermal fuses and thermistors to mains cable replacement.

Key Fob Repairs

Car, Garage, Plip remotes. Tactile Switch Repair, Battery Replacement and Refurbishment.

JTAG/EMMC Boot Repair

We can repair dead Samsung, Lg, Nokia, Sony, ZTE phones when the boot has been damaged due to bad unlock, or general software / CPU failure.

Sim Unlocking

We have services in store and online which can remove the sim lock from your handset (contract or pay as you go) so as you can use an opposite network provider. These services cover over 12,000 different models.

Common Repairs + Services

From Screens to Data Recovery

You can see the different repairs we carry out in the shop and the percentages of different types of damage we see.

Screen repairs are the most common issue to be carried out on any handset or device. Mobile Phones, GPS, Wearables and Tablets.

With every screen, we fit and install for you if available, a free screen protector to ensure your handset stays as safe as possible. If you need one fitted call into the shop where we can supply and fit, or if you have already purchased one we can fit it for you.

Data recovery is increasingly becoming more important as people use their devices for daily tasks, e.g. Banking, Work organizer, Personal trainer + GPS. Some user’s do forget to back their devices up on a regular basis. And well accidents do happen.

Have you been taking your device into the bathroom?
Liquid damage is the No.1 killer of electronic devices. With most devices being water resistant and not fully waterproof the device can let liquid ingress in very easily. When the worst happens and your device gets wet by liquid, data recovery is usually the only option to recover your information.

Charge port replacement is a common problem with devices being manufactured with smaller charging points and battery consumption being quick on most devices. The need to use and charge becomes more common among younger users. Can’t miss that Facebook message! This can easily damage the charging port if the cable gets a tug. And can cause overheating when on charge and using the device at the same time.

With user’s data being an important nugget of day to day life we are seeing more viruses and trojans becoming more active on mobile devices causing redirection to fake websites, shut downs and app crashes and the main objective stealing user’s information. Stay safe and take our advice get a good anti-virus. We recommend Bitdefender Mobile and Avast Mobile anti-virus.


Data is from our Repairs Database

Data is over a Year of workshop repairs.
Screen Repairs 100%
Screen Protectors 98%
Data Extraction 82%
Liquid Ingress 65%
Charge Port 55%
Viruses 35%

Repair Services


With years of experience about mobile phone repair larne and mobile phone unlocking, our engineers are there to help solve the most puzzling problems. Whether it’s a problem with iPhone screen repair including touch, LCD screen, charge port, or data recovery, we’ll get you up and running again. Although we often complete repairs within hours, we ask for patience, as we have no control over the postal service. We offer a 1-month warranty on mobile repairs. But we are always happy to help even if your warranty with us has expired. Repairs are carried out using GENUINE or High Quality 3rd party parts be sure to ask for a full quote before repair, to compare prices. You can also check your repair status online click here.


Forensic data recovery on hard disk drives, all types of media cards. SD, micro-SD, CF, XD, Android devices, Apple Devices and other storage mediums. We can get your data off your mobile phone or device and place on a secure flash drive for safe keeping, Data includes Contacts, Messages(SMS/MMS), Photos, Music, Videos, Downloads, WhatsApp, Viber, all media files included in the recovery. Having many ways to retrieve your data we would be more than likely able to help get your data back. Screen lock and F.R.P services available.


Sim Unlocking codes enable you to use your mobile phone with another service providers, namely O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, or Virgin. We support all the main manufacturers and some not so heard of manufacturers including, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, LG, Sony, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE and many more. This can come in handy if you receive a second-hand handset from a family member or purchase one from eBay or Gumtree. Foreign service providers are also supported, meaning that phones purchased overseas can be used on arrival back home. The in-store unlocking service covers all major brands of handset – chances are, we can help you.

If a handset is submitted for unlock and subsequently found to be blacklisted (i.e. reported stolen), the unlocking service will not function. Our unlocking service follows the Mobile Telephone Reprogramming Act 2002 and Violent Crime Reduction Bill 2006. Blacklisted handsets submitted for unlock will receive no support. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of phones purchased from retailers such as eBay or Gumtree, a report can be generated to affirm the status, subject to a service fee.


Most models of hair straighteners are supported – from a new mains cable to heater and thermal fuse replacement, we can repair your straighteners and get you looking good again. All parts used are classed under a British standard BSI™ to ensure good quality parts and service.

Mk3 (3.1B, GHD3, SS, SS2, MS etc) – All Repairs Mains cable, Heaters, Fuses, Thermistors, Resistors.
Mk4 (4.0B, 4.2B, SS4.0, MS4.0 etc) – All Repairs
Mk5 Gold Series – All Repairs
Mk6 Eclipse – (Mains Cable Only) Unit is non-repairable by us
Platinum – Unit is non-repairable by us


Our disc repair service can remove surface to medium-deep scratches on CD/DVD discs and laser burn from games discs. This service is carried out in store and takes roughly 15-20 minutes per disc.


Our key fob services include replacing broken buttons inside key fobs, changing batteries and re-working the finer internal circuits, in addition to a service aiding with cases of liquid damage.


Car radio code keys can be calculated in-store, some do require a lot more attention as we need to read the code from the EEPROM chip inside the radio.

Supported manufacturers:

Ford, Vauxhall, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Seat, Volkswagen, Volvo, Fiat. to name just a few.

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