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Mobile Phone Repair

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Phones, Tablets, TomTom and lots more!

iPhone screen repair including Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Blackberry, Nokia, RedMii, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi and lots more!

Sim Unlocking

Sim Unlocking

Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Alcatel, LG

With thousands of models supported in store, We are sure we can get your phone sim free!

Games Console Repair

Games Console Repair

Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, Sega

Repair service covers HDMI port repair, charge ports, controller switches, laser replacement.

Jtag Boot Repair

JTAG/EMMC/ Dead Boot

Bring that dead phone back to life again

We can fix your brick and bring it back to life.

Games Disc Cleaning Laser Burn Remove Scratches

CD/DVD Disc Polishing

Audio,Video + Games Discs

Repair of surface to medium deep scratches on discs and also laser burn on game discs.

Car Garage Key Fob Repairs

Key Fob Repairs

Radio Code Key Recovery

Replacement of broken tactile switches inside key fobs, plips and also car radio code key recovery.

Data Recovery Hdd Sd Emmc

Data Recovery

Professional Forensic Services

We offer data recovery services even if your logic board is damaged. Also recovery from SD cards, EMMC and HDD’s

tv repair

TV Repairs

Bush, Sony, Panasonic, Polaroid, LG, Toshiba and more!

Services cover loss of back light, Power supply failures, Firmware upgrades.

computer repairs

Computer Repairs

Laptop, Desktop and Server Repairs

Has your laptop display just stopped working? Can’t get connected to the internet? PC won’t turn on? We are sure we can get you back up and running again.


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You can use many different platforms to request a quote, any quote received for work needed will require a final visual check before work can be carried out. 

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If you are in Larne Town and finding it hard to locate us just search for us on Google or use the map on our contact page to find us directly.


Instant Messenger

If you need advice quickly we can offer instant messenger in normal working hours, You can use Facebook, Whatsapp to send us a quick question.


Setup Help

If you are having issues setting up your new device call in and we can setup app store, email, and also basic backup to your Google or iCloud accounts.


With 10 years of experience in general electronic repairs and mobile phone repair including mobile phone sim unlocking, our engineers are there to help solve the most puzzling problems. Whether it’s a problem with your mobile phone screen including touch, LCD screen, charge port, iPhone back glass replacement or corrupt data. We’ll help get you up and running again. Although we often fix devices within hours, we ask for patience, so as we can care for and return your device in fully working order. We offer a 6-month warranty on phone repairs. But we are always happy to help even if your warranty with us has expired. Repairs are carried out using genuine, original OEM and EBR parts.


Forensic data recovery on hard drives, all types of media cards. SD, micro-SD, CF, XD, Android devices, Apple devices and other storage mediums. We can get your data recovered from your mobile phone or hard drive and place it on a secure flash drive for safe keeping, recovery includes Contacts, Messages(SMS/MMS), Photos, Music, Videos, Downloads, WhatsApp, Viber, all media files included in the recovery. Having many ways to retrieve your data we would be more than likely able to help get your data back. Screen lock and F.R.P (factory reset protection) services available.


Sim unlocking codes enable you to use your mobile phone with another network provider, namely O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, or Virgin. We support all the main manufacturers and some not so heard of manufacturers including, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, LG, Sony, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE and many more. This can be useful if you receive a second-hand handset from a family member or purchase one from Amazon, eBay or Gumtree. Foreign network providers are also supported for unlocking, and include AT&T, Sprint, Metro, Claro, Fido and Rodgers and many more meaning that phones purchased overseas can be used on arrival when back in the UK. The in-store unlocking service covers all major brands of handset – chances are, we can help you.


Television repairs include led backlight, power supply failures, firmware upgrades. Has your TV just stopped working? Are you getting sound and no picture? Chances are we can help you get your TV fixed and working again. Brands supported include Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Bush, Polaroid, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Alba and lots more!


Computer repairs covering laptop screens, hard drives replacement, Laptop charge port repairs, Memory upgrades, BGA reworking for graphics chip soldering. We offer affordable repairs and upgrades for your pc whether it’s a broken USB port or a faulty hard drive we are sure we can get you surfing again in no time. All computer repairs come with 1 year of warranty.


Games console repairs include PS2 PS3 PS4, Xbox, Sega, Atari, and more. Has your Nintendo switch stopped charging? Xbox One console stuck on start up? We cover charge ports, HDMI ports, Hard drive upgrades, Laser replacement, ROM upgrades and controller switch replacement. We also cover retro consoles Neo Geo, Dreamcast including Japanese imports.


Were you getting ready for that BIG night out and your straighteners won’t turn on? Or is one side of your GHD’S heating and the other side not heating? Most models of GHD hair straighteners are supported – from a new mains cable to heater and thermal fuse replacement, we can repair your straighteners and get you looking good again and ready for any night out. All parts used are classed under a British standard BSI™ to ensure good quality parts and service.

Mk3 (3.1B, GHD3, SS, SS2, MS etc) – All Repairs Mains cable, Heaters, Fuses, Thermistors, Resistors.
Mk4 (4.0B, 4.2B, SS4.0, MS4.0 etc) – All Repairs
Mk5 Gold Series – All Repairs
Mk6 Eclipse – (Mains Cable Only) Unit is non-repairable by us
Platinum – Unit is non-repairable by us


Are your music discs skipping? Do your games discs suddenly stop at a certain level? Chances are you have a scratch on your music cd or laser burn on your games disc. Our disc repair service can remove surface to medium-deep scratches on CD/DVD and laser burn from games discs. This is carried out in store and takes roughly 15-20 minutes per disc.


Has your plip remote stopped opening your car or garage door? Will the remote only work when standing directly beside your door? Sounds like a faulty switch or possible internal damage. Our key fob repair service includes replacing broken buttons inside the key fob, changing batteries and re-working the finer internal circuits, in addition to a service aiding with cases of liquid ingress. We also offer a key pairing if you find your remote stopped working after you have replaced the battery. All key fob repairs usually take 1 hour.

Key Fob Models Supported:

Ford, Vauxhall, Seat, Suzuki, Renault Plip, Rover, Land Rover and many more!

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COVID-19 Spread Prevention

We will be open to ensure essential repair services are available to anyone who needs them, making sure you are able to stay in contact with family, relatives and more importantly health services as per government guidelines. We use a booking system for every repair which makes contact tracing possible and all repairs are carried out in the shop.

If calling to the shop only one person is allowed in at any one time due to social distancing measures within the shop, If part of a family then 2 persons will be allowed only if they are part of the same household. Customer area is cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours and devices will be cleaned and disinfected when presented and on return to the customer. Customer area is also covered by a hepa filter air purifier which keeps the air in the shop sanitized and helps remove any bacteria which may be airborne—this and good hand sanitizing helps fight any spread of the virus.

We also urge anyone to wear your face coverings and maintain social distancing rules when visiting us in the shop or any businesses in the town. We understand some people will have exemptions for face coverings—so long as social distancing rules are maintained in the shop you are more than welcome! Remember to sanitize your hands on every visit, even with face coverings you can still spread COVID-19 by not washing your hands or sanitizing. Stay safe and be good to each other.