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Get to know us! Team Members and FAQ's

Our Story….

A long time ago… in a Galaxy-S far far away………
We are a growing business in Larne on the north-east coast of Northern Ireland. Offering repair services as well as mobile phone unlocking services and accessories. Repairing mobile phones, car key fobs plus computer hardware from boards to cables and sockets. Whether it’s a screen replacement on your iPhone or Android device, charge port, microphone or earpiece we hope we can offer you the best prices for repairs and accessories. We also include forensic data recovery in store. These include recovering photos, contacts, SMS messages and emails. Services are based from software to direct EMMC and chip-off recovery. Call in store for free and friendly advice on any of the services we offer. We are only too happy to help and tell you more about us.

From computers to games consoles and mobile phones, we are a top independent repairer for damaged charge ports, Power buttons, EMMC/JTAG repair, BGA rework for laptop and computer main board and much more. Covering most manufacturers including the services some manufacturers won’t cover for under warranty, and of course all our repairs are carried out in house and are fully insured. Drop us a message through Facebook or Contact Form and of course if you wish to give us a call or drop into the shop your more than welcome.

Online and In store

We offer our services online and in store, most unlocking codes can be bought online through our website with factory code, direct unlocking and factory codes in store.

Forward Thinking

We always try to stay ahead of customers needs to ensure a smooth repair and after sales service. With advice on many mobile phone repair processes we will help as best we can.

Problem Solvers

With over 10 Years of knowledge and experience in general electronic repair, with good support and friendly advice. We are sure we can get your issue sorted. 

Customer Support

We offer limited support over email and messenger, Portable repairs have a 6 month warranty and 12 month for computer, games console and T.V repairs. Warranty covers Genuine and OEM parts replaced.

Team Members

Our Team of Workers



Owner, Engineer

Interests: Electronic repairs, C++, PHP, Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics.
Owned Devices: Samsung S7, Samsung S6, HTC One M7, Blackberry Priv, Sony Z3, iPhone 3GS (old boot rom)

Ryan is the heart of FoneJackerNI starting the company in 2008 and has built a reputable electronic repair business including mobile phones, key fobs and most everyday electronic items.

Ryan is also the main engineer in the company with interests such as amateur radio, playing guitar, website construction and finding out how most things work. He also believes every day is a learning day!



Sales Manager

Interests: Loves playing games on her phone. 😉 And knows too much about mobile phones!
Owned Devices: Samsung S3,S4, iPhone 3G, 4, Sony XA.
Michelle is on the shop floor welcoming customers as they come into the shop, and can deal with most cries for help as customers come in with numerous problems with their mobile phones and devices, a lot of which can be fixed over the counter in a few minutes thanks to Michelle.

With orders being made every day from the shop and online requests, Michelle is NO.1 at keeping everything in line and running smoothly and is your first step to getting the service you need for your devices.


Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to replace a screen?

Screen Repair for Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, LG, and more!

Depending which handset you have and if we have the screen in stock. It may take up to an hour to replace the screen depending how busy we are in the shop. Some screens do require careful fitting and can require more time this can be discussed when leaving the device in for repair.

Is an unlock instant?

Sim Network Unlock
If your handset is an iPhone unlock. The process can take anything from 2-days up to 14-days depending on how busy the server is. We do have to say prepare for a wait of up to 4 weeks. If we can unlock your handset in-store by means of direct unlock. It should only take up to about 10-15Mins.

How long does disc repair take?

CD/DVD Games Disc Resurface

The disc repair service can take about 20 mins to complete depending on how bad the scratches are. Check out our Blog.

Which top glass repairs do you support?

Top Glass Repairs

The models we mainly support for top glass repair are Samsung S3 Mini, S3, S4 Mini, S4, S5.

Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox Warranty Container

The Knox container is a virtual Android environment within the mobile device. The container has its own home screen, launcher, apps, and widgets. Apps and data inside the container are isolated from apps outside the container. This isolation enables the Knox container to be used as a secure enterprise work space, while everything outside the container represents the user’s personal space.

KeyFob Repairs?

Car, Garage Keyfob Remote Repairs

We can repair the internals of the keyfob including tactile switches and main components, If you have liquid damaged the fob we offer a cleaning service and re-pairing to your vehicle. (model dependant)

iPhone Data Recovery?

iPhone Data Recovery Services

We offer software based services to remove your information from your iPhone,iPod,iPad. We do need the device to power on and have stable connection to the pc. If repairs are required before we recover the data this can be arranged and a cost price added to the recovery process.

Retrieve information from a damaged EMMC?

EMMC/UFS Storage chip data recovery

We use forensic tools. We access the storage chip for removal of user data. Mainly android devices supported. Call in for more information.

Rooting Services?

Gain Full Root Access Safely

Yes we do offer services to gain root level access to your handset. These services will give you a safe root method on your device to ensure you don’t brick your device with wrong variant files or corrupt downloads. (Android supported)

Device Unblocking?

Device Unblocking Serial/IMEI changing

Unblocking is a service we do not carry out. We would like to remind our customers that the mobile phone unlocking service is for handsets which work on the network they are on. Basically, if you submit a handset for unlock and the handset is blacklisted, (meaning reported lost/stolen or is blacklisted due to an insurance claim) the unlocking service WILL NOT open up the handset so as it can be used again. Once it’s blacklisted – it’s blocked. Our unlocking service is kept in line with the Mobile Telephone Reprogramming Act 2002 and Violent crime reduction bill 2006. Any handset submitted for unlock under blacklisted conditions will not receive any refund or help with this problem. If you have a query a report can be generated on any handset and a administration fee will be charged.