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April: New website is up and running! We plan on building a lot of information into the site for quick pointers to minor problems. And of course some info on how we do our in house repairs.

July: We have purchased infrared imaging cameras to aid in BGA rework and mobile phone repair. Using this new system, we can see overheating across the logic board in games consoles and mobile phones with multiple temperature readings being taken at one time which can help in some repairs.

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Device Unblocking?

Device Unblocking Serial/IMEI changing

Unblocking is a service we do not carry out. We would like to remind our customers that the mobile phone unlocking service is for handsets which work on the network they are on. Basically, if you submit a handset for unlock and the handset is blacklisted, (meaning reported lost/stolen or is blacklisted due to an insurance claim) the unlocking service WILL NOT open up the handset so as it can be used again. Once it’s blacklisted – it’s blocked. Our unlocking service is kept in line with the Mobile Telephone Reprogramming Act 2002 and Violent crime reduction bill 2006. Any handset submitted for unlock under blacklisted conditions will not receive any refund or help with this problem. If you have a query a report can be generated on any handset and a administration fee will be charged.

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