Phone Repair

Screen, Battery, Camera, Charge Port. Earpiece, Microphone, Face ID

Mobile Phone & Electronic Device Repair

Here is a list of the services we offer for mobile phone and electronic device repair. All parts used are genuine or OEM quality.

Manufacturers Supported

Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony, Honor, Blackberry, Doro, Oppo, Alcatel, OnePlus+, RedMii, Xiaomi. With most manufacturers if we can get the part needed we can fit and fix most electronic devices.

LCD & Touch Screen

Whether you have broken your touch or lcd screen on your phone, tablet or other electronic device we can get it replaced with a new screen and get you up and running again.

Charging Issues

We can help diagnose your charging problems and check whether it is the charge port, faulty component, liquid ingress or maybe just a faulty cable. iPhone and iPad Tri-Star testing are done over the counter so call in if you are having problems charging your iPhone or iPad.

No Service, No Sim

No service can come from in many different ways, most issues are a weak signal from the service providers mast, or dirty contacts on your sim card. or if the worst has happened and you have dropped your handset it is possible a component has come loose.

If you receive a message asking for a NCK code when inserting a sim to a new or old handset, it is possible the handset may need unlocking.

Earpiece & Microphone

Earpiece and microphone issues are common with most devices. Dirt and everyday grime get caught in small openings which can dull the sound being picked up or received.

Bluetooth WIFI Connectivity

With devices having a constant connection using Bluetooth or WIFI, issues can come from overheating. With most devices using one integrated circuit for both Bluetooth and WIFI these issues usually affect both connections.

iPhone Back Glass Cracked

We can replace the broken back glass on your iPhone 8/8+, X, XS/XSMAX, XR, 11/11PRO, and also iPhone 12 models. We use a Laser to separate the glass from the adhesive this is the best way for removal as no excessive heat or force is used keeping the handset safe from heat stress which could cause internal component issues or twists and breaks to the chassis. Repaired and returned in a few hours.

Check out the projects page iPhone Back Glass Laser Removal


We can replace your old battery with a fresh new cell so you can surf and game all day long.

New service for iPhone battery replacement without genuine warning message. Check out the projects page for more info.

iWatch Software Restore

Software Restore available for iWatch Series S0,S1,S2,S3,S4,S5+S6. Some issues affecting iWatches which may include:

White Screen
“!” point
Restart Error
Screen Show Error
No Touch
and other faults….

Mobile Phone Repair Smashed Screen

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