iPhone Back Glass Laser Removal

Feb 15, 2022

Smashed rear back glass, back chassis glass removal and repair.


We can replace the broken back glass on your iPhone 8/8+, SE 2020, X, XS/XSMAX, XR, 11/11PRO, 12, 13 and also iPhone 14 models. We use a Laser to separate the glass from the adhesive this is the best way for removal as no excessive heat or force is used keeping the handset safe from heat stress which could cause internal component issues or twists and breaks to the chassis. Repaired and returned in a few hours.

Tools and Equipment Used

M-Triangel MG-OneS Autofocus Laser Machine

TBK-638B Smoke and Fume Extractor

(Upgraded to M-Triangel CP-301| Mini Desktop Fume Extractor)

GtoolsPro G-002 Back Glass Blasting Pen

iPhone XSMAX Big Hole Back Glass

B7000 Phone Glue Adhesive Industrial Strength