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Some of the services and support we offer.

Repair Services

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Mobile Phone Repair

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Sim Unlocking

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Data Recovery

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Television Servicing

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Computer Repair

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Games Console Repair

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Key Fob Repairs

We Cover Many Services and Repair Processes

Electronic Device Repair including Mobile Phones, GPS, Computer Laptop/Desktop, Games Console, Key Fob, Television Servicing, Sim Unlocking, Data Recovery.


Mobile Phone & Electronic Device Repair

Here is a list of the services we offer for mobile phone and electronic device repair. All parts used are genuine or OEM quality.

Manufactures Supported

Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony, Honor, Blackberry, Doro, Oppo, Alcatel, OnePlus+, RedMii, Xiaomi. With most manufacturers if we can get the part needed we can fit and fix most electronic devices.

LCD & Touch Screen

Whether you have broken your touch or lcd screen on your phone, tablet or other electronic device we can get it replaced with a new screen and get you up and running again.

Charging Issues

We can help diagnose your charging problems and check whether it is the charge port, faulty component, liquid ingress or maybe just a faulty cable. iPhone and iPad Tri-Star testing are done over the counter so call in if you are having problems charging your iPhone or iPad.

No Service, No Sim

No service can come from in many different ways, most issues are a weak signal from the service providers mast, or dirty contacts on your sim card. or if the worst has happened and you have dropped your handset it is possible a component has come loose.

Earpiece & Microphone

Earpiece and microphone issues are common with most devices. Dirt and everyday grime get caught in small openings which can dull the sound being picked up or received.

Bluetooth WIFI Connectivity

With devices having a constant connection using Bluetooth or WIFI, issues can come from overheating. With most devices using one integrated circuit for both Bluetooth and WIFI these issues usually affect both connections.

iPhone Back Glass Cracked

We can replace the broken back glass on your iPhone 8/8+, X, XS/XSMAX, XR, 11/11PRO, and also iPhone 12 models. We use a Laser to separate the glass from the adhesive this is the best way for removal as no excessive heat or force is used keeping the handset safe from heat stress which could cause internal component issues or twists and breaks to the chassis. Repaired and returned in a few hours.


We can replace your old battery with a fresh new cell so you can surf and game all day long.

iWatch Software Restore

Software Restore available for iWatch Series S0,S1,S2,S3,S4,S5+S6. Some issues affecting iWatches which may include:

White Screen
“!” point
Restart Error
Screen Show Error
No Touch
and other faults….

Mobile Phone Repair Smashed Screen
Data Recovery

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Forensic data recovery on hard drives, all types of media cards. SD, micro-SD, CF, XD, Android devices, IOS, OSX devices and other storage mediums.

Data Backup

Keeping your data backed up is becoming an everyday activity. With most devices being used for banking and business keeping a backup is most important. We suggest using your Cloud services provided with most manufactures including Apple, Google Android, Samsung and also OneDrive.

Restore Data

If you are using your Cloud services you should be easily able to restore your data from within your account or download needed files direct from your iCloud, OneDrive or Google Drive account.

Recover Lost Data

In the event of not backing up or using Cloud Services and maybe the worst has happened, and you find you are unable to retrieve your data we have a few services in store which we may be able to help including Chip-Off recovery. (model dependant)

Direct Network Unlocking + Factory Code

Sim unlocking codes enable you to use your mobile phone with another network provider, namely O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, or Virgin.


Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony, Honor, Blackberry, Doro, Oppo, Alcatel, OnePlus+, Redmii, Xiaomi. Our list includes up to 13,000 different models of handset. Chances are we can help.

Network Providers

List of UK Service providers we support.

O2, Vodafone, EE, Three, CPW, Asda, Tescos, Virgin, BT and ID Mobile.

We do support foreign service providers contact us for more details.

Direct or Factory Code Unlocking

We can direct unlock thousands of models in store which usually takes 5-10mins if this is not possible, we can source the factory code for unlocking your handset this may take a few hours or days with most unlocking codes returning in just a 3-5days.

Sim Unlocking
Television Servicing

Goggle-Box Repairs

Television repairs include led backlight, T-CONN board, power supply failures, firmware and software upgrades.


Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Bush, Polaroid, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Alba. Many more support contact us for more info.

Common Issues and Problems

No Backlight, No Sound, No Picture are all common problems with most new televisions today. We can fix all of these common issues and more.

Plasma, LCD, CRT & LED

We support most televisions including Plasma, Lcd, LED and CRT.

Motherboard Intel, AMD, BGA + Laptop Screens

Computer repairs covering laptop screens, hard drives, Laptop charge port repairs, Memory upgrades, BGA reworking for graphics chip soldering.

Computer Repairs

Desktop/Laptop repairs cover screen replacement, HDD, USB port, charge port, headphone port and much more. We also repair faulty graphics chip and offer BGA rework services.

Operating System Reinstall

We can reinstall most operating systems onto laptop or desktop pc’s including Windows, Linux Distros and MacOS.

Virus Removal

We can help diagnose and remove any viruses, malware, PUP or Trojan infections from your computer.

System Upgrades

System upgrades include CPU, GPU, Memory, HDD and optical drives. Ask us about our custom system builds.

Computer Repair Services
Games Console Repairs

Gaming Consoles

Games console repairs include PS2 PS3 PS4, Xbox, Sega, Atari, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.


Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, Sega, Atari and many more.

We also cover retro consoles Neo Geo, Dreamcast including Japanese imports.

Common Issues and Problems

CD laser, Power supply, HDMI ports, HDMI controller, charge ports, liquid ingress, HDD failures.

Parts discontinued

Some older consoles like Nintendo are now facing a shortage on spare parts meaning if returning for warranty repair there is a possibility parts maybe in short supply. We can source those parts or equivalents and help get you gaming again.

Car, Garage + Door Access Fobs

Our fob repairs include replacing broken buttons inside the key fob, changing batteries and re-working the finer internal circuits, in addition to a service aiding with cases of liquid ingress.

Car Key Fob

Has your plip remote stopped opening your door? Will the remote only work when standing directly beside your door? Sounds like a faulty switch or possible internal damage.

Repair covering tactile switch, component failure, liquid ingress, battery replacement and also a pairing service. (model dependant)

Garage Key Fob

Repair covers tactile switch, component failure, liquid ingress, battery replacement and also a pairing service. (model dependant)

Access Entry Key Fob

Repair covers tactile switch, component failure, liquid ingress, battery replacement, Frequency shift and also a pairing service. (model dependant)

Key Fob Repairs

ProGuard Screen Protection


ProGuard, professional protection for your devices. With multiple different types of screen protector and dozens of unique back films to keep your device scratch free. Both the screen protectors and back films can be custom cut to fit any phone – including the iPhone 13 range. Please note, though the material here is all based on iPhone products, ProGuard covers thousands of different devices.

high clear screen protector hydrogel

High Clear

The High Clear screen is a highly transparent option, offering explosion proof coverage, with no change to screen brightness or visibility. With a thickness of only 0.15mm providing the best possible anti-shock, anti-crack and anti-scratch protection, with no disruption to your screen quality.

The High Clear protection comes in 9 inch for phones, 13 inch for smaller tablets, and 16 inch for larger tablets.

anti glare screen protector hydrogel


The Anti-Glare screen is our best feel option, with a smooth matte finish. The film is treated with a non-reflective, non-refractive coating, ensuring that you have no glare, even in the brightest lights. Not only does this protect your eyes from strain, but it also makes your phone much more useable in daylight. The screen also has an anti-fingerprint coating. reducing streaks and oily finger marks, keeping your screen looking clean and new.

The Anti-Glare protection comes in 9 inch for phones, and 13 inch for
smaller tablets

anti blue screen protector hydrogel


The Anti Blue Screen helps protect your eyes from blue light damage and strain. Containing the same great anti-scratch and anti-crack technology as our other screen protectors, the anti-blue coating is perfect for those who spend long periods of time on their phone or who are more conscious of their eye health.

The Anti-Blue protection comes in 9 inch for phones, and 13 inches for
smaller tablets.

privacy screen protector hydrogel

Privacy Film

The Privacy Film helps protect your device from nosey onlookers, as well as from scratches and cracks. Protecting your personal data with a viewable area that can only be seen from face on, this screen is totally peep-proof. With ultra-clear picture quality, anti-fingerprint coating, and matte feel, the privacy film has all of the quality features of the rest of the range, whilst protecting your personal data.

The Privacy Film protection currently comes in 9 inch and will be
available mid October 2021

proguard back customization

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